6 Bar Box - 6 Soap bars for the price of 5!

Pride Rainbow

$ 6.00 USD
Nine layers of handmade goat milk soap, very lightly scented with the aroma of temptation. Six ounces of heaven made with love and pride. Sage Meadow Farm is stepping up to address an urgent need at "Under 21" which is run by The Covenant House in New York City. "Under 21" is a shelter for homeless youth, many of whom are LGBTQ. The shelter is also creating quarantine rooms for homeless youths stricken with Covid-19. With school closures due to this virus, these kids are turning to this shelter for all of their nutritional needs. This has doubled the demand on the shelter's scarce resources. We are donating the profits from our new Pride Rainbow Soap to help this cause. Thank You!

Contains goat milk saponified with oils of coconut, olive, Fair Trade Certified sustainable palm, shea nut, grape seed, avocado, soybean, castor, a fragrance blend, red mica, orange mica, yellow mica, green mica, ultramarines and activated charcoal.

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