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Caprine Vinyasa ~ Yoga With Goat-Kids!

Combining the benefits of vinyasa yoga with the playful antics of baby goats.

Due to Covid19, no further 2021 classes are scheduled.
2022 Classes are now in the works! Stay tuned!

What is Caprine Vinyasa?

The kids love to play 'King of the Mountain'!

Put simply, Caprine Vinyasa is a beginners' yoga class with beautiful and playful goat-kids. Each class it taught by Audrey Jones-Blaisdell,  a certified yoga instructor who has been with us since we started this exciting adventure. Class participants are encouraged to pet, cuddle and hold the kids, at the kids' leisure. You may find yourself in a posture, when suddenly a goat-kid (or posse of kids) may start climbing on you. Like most youngsters, goat kids are easily distracted and have a short attention span, so their visits with you are likely to be in brief intervals. But they also are known to suddenly lay down on a random mat for a quick nap.

Why Yoga with goats?

Mina decided to nap on Audrey's lap.

While it's true that a meditative yoga practice is good for the mind and body, every now and then we all need to step back from taking ourselves too seriously. Goat kids playful antics will often interact with practicing yogis, which is a great way to stay present in the moment. Do you stretch deeper into the pose, or do you relax and nuzzle with a curious kid that is demanding your attention? You get to decide!

How are the goat-kids with all of this?

Our goat-kids love the attention! From the moment they are born, our goats are socialized with lots of daily human interaction, as well as interaction with other animals on our farm. This allows them to grow into adulthood with little fear of their human handlers. The only thing kids love more than curling up in a human lap ... is probably jumping on the person's shoulders. This creates a goat-kid that is anything but shy! But like all little ones, they have accidents, and we will have pee/poo patrollers on duty to quickly clean up any messes.

When are the classes?

Please watch this page, join our mailing list, or follow our Facebook page for details! https://www.facebook.com/SageMeadowFarmLLC/

Where will the classes be held?

Some of the classes will be at the same location as last year, in the beautiful Boylston Room in the Keystone Building. Later classes will be next-door in the Community Room Eastworks building. Both of these buildings are next to each other on Pleasant Street in Easthampton, about a half-mile from Sage Meadow Farm.

Please make note of which building your class will be held. Location will depend on the date of the class based on availability at both locations. (We are hoping that one day soon we will have a permanent home for our Caprine Vinyasa classes!)

Why Are we doing this?

For the past three years we have raised over $30,000 for animal-related and  human-related charities. Our 2021 season was very short due to covid, but we still we raised funds for Halfway Home Cat Rescue, Easthampton Farmers' Market and City Space. We are still exploring ways to jumpstart a new yoga space, Oh My Ghosh Yoga. This is a unique co-op structured yoga studio, with a focus on Ghosh teachings as well as making available other yoga practices. Our vision is to create a multifaceted, diverse, and inclusive yoga space that is priced on a sliding scale, so that the benefits of yoga can be experienced by everyone. Oh My Ghosh Yoga

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