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Artisan Goat Milk Bath & Body
Naturally handmade in small batches.
"Gently cleaning life's tough dirt."

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Welcome to Sage Meadow Farm.

Locally handmade small-batched goat milk creations from Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Sage Meadow Farm is roughly 3 ½ acres and is surrounded by a wildlife sanctuary at the foot of Mount Holyoke Range.  After years of planning and preparations, the proprietors, Joe and Stan McCoy, decided to turn their home into a working family farm.

Dr. Joe McCoy is a Veterinarian.  His specialty is Veterinary Pathology, but he has always had an interest in working with small ruminant animals.  Joe has a passion for politics, and currently serves as Easthampton City Council President.

Stan McCoy retired from Verizon in the fall of 2016, after a 31 year career as a Central Office Technician. He holds a degree in Telecommunications Technology, and has recently been certified as a 26&2 Yoga instructor.  With retirement just around the corner, Stan decided to take on the challenge of beginning a second career working with Joe in the small ruminant field.

Together we've created Sage Meadow Farm. We began our journey of animal husbandry and soap/cheese making in the spring of 2010, when we attended Goat School in Monson, Maine. From there we attended workshops at Cornel and Umass on goat medicine and husbandry. Joe spent several months riding with a large animal veterinarian to broaden his medical knowledge on small ruminant medicine.

Our first three goat babies arrived in the Spring of 2011.  Then their first kids were born in the Spring of 2013.  We have continued with a small scale sustainable reproduction, breeding a limited number of does each November for new kids in April.

We started soaping in 2010 before the goats arrived. Since then, we have added other goat milk products including liquids & lotions. Our first Caprine Vinyasa was in the spring of 2015, which is when our yoga with baby goats charity event began.

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We are a Local Hero!

We are proud members and supporters of CISA, "Community Involved In Sustaining Agriculture. Learn More about this organization by clicking their logo.

Find our products at several locations in
Western Massachusetts!

Look for our kiosks at your local Big Y in Amherst,  Great Barrington, Greenfield, Lee, Ludlow, Northampton, Pittsfield, Southampton, South Hadley, and Westfield (East Silver St).

A limited selection of our products can also be found at : Wedge Works (Cottage Street  Easthampton), Outlook Farms (Westhampton), River Valley Co-op (Northampton and Easthampton), Williamsburg Country Store (Williamsburg), The Coulor Bar Salon (Easthampton), Float (Easthampton), Thomas Farm & Dairy (Sunderland) and at Easthampton Feed (Easthampton), Big Bear Used Books & Cafe (Easthampton), and Hill Hardware (Burton , OH),. We are also at Easthampton Farmer's Market on Sundays , 10-2, and Northampton Tuesday Farmers Market - ever other week 1:30-6:30.

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